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About Me

I came to Amsterdam for the first time when I was 18 years old. It's been with three friends and we really wanted to finally explore the city since we were of legal age. We were actually just a few young stoners who wanted to experience the myth of Amsterdam as a "stoner's paradise". -But the supposed pothead paradise quickly turned into a great love for the city itself. I remember my first impressions of the canals with the indescribably beautiful old houses that I only know from Amsterdam. The structure of the city, as it is built, I got lost so often in the city center at the beginning and still got by in the same places over and over again. The many small streets with their wonderful little cafes, restaurants, specialties like Dutch cheese and so on. 

I was overwhelmed by the diversity of the city. The locals are all always so friendly and helpful, which I unfortunately don't know from my home country. It felt like everyone was welcome there who is not stressful and wants to have a good time. 

This and much, much more are the reasons that one day I collected pictures and founded a Facebook page (2015) This Facebook page has grown to 70,000 followers to this day. At the moment I mainly upload content from locals or photographers from Amsterdam to my social media accounts and give them the credits for it. In addition to the Facebook page, I founded an Instagram account and a Facebook group in 2020. Within about a year there are currently 60,000 members in the Facebook group who share photos, videos and experiences in and about Amsterdam. Now I thought it would be time to add a website to the social media presence so that I can broaden my offers and my horizons. So I warmly welcome you here and wish you a lot of fun on my side! 

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At the moment i am building up a Community in my Facebook-Group.
As for now we are eight moderators and one admin.
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